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Enhance your pricing offer with Menu-Based Choice

Understanding the purchase decision process within the automotive sector is increasingly complex.

In addition to choosing their make and model, purchasers now need to decide on a multitude of additional factors. Features, accessories, finance and service plans also need careful consideration.

This is why we’ve developed our new Menu Based Choice product; a new conjoint method for researching, understanding and modelling complex purchase decisions.

Menu-Based Choice enables respondents to add and remove features from their basic selection for prices and features, as well as pre-defined ‘bundles’ such as special offers to better reflect today’s purchase decisions within the automotive sector.

We believe it is ideal for understanding purchase decisions when choosing a new vehicle including:

  • Defining the preferred specification – model, engine size
  • Identifying the uptake of accessories – heated seats, parking sensors, daytime running lights
  • Highlighting the importance of service and maintenance plans
  • Understanding preferred finance options
  • Identifying the path to purchase – authorised dealership, broker, internet

From the resulting choices we are able to create a model which predicts consumer choices to fully understand consumer decision all delivered in a client-friendly Excel-based simulator.

Here at SPA Future Thinking we work with leading automotive manufacturers and related companies to support their business decisions and planning processes.

For more information and to learn about what other research solutions we offer the automotive sector please call or email Lisa Allan, +44 (0)1865 336 400,

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