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The impact of a changing media landscape

Understanding the path to purchase within the automotive sector is increasingly complex.

Over the last decade the automotive landscape has been transformed; led by an increased level of sophistication in terms of marketing and advertising, principally through social media and developments in online technology. This changing media landscape and new digitally led path to purchase is enabling customers to explore, evaluate, follow and discard leads to make a fully informed choice prior to purchase.

Manufacturers now have more opportunities to engage and influence opinions throughout the consumer relationship and sales process which need to be measured and understood to ensure they are meeting customers’ expectations in terms of the product offer and service.

Only by understanding customers and giving them what they want, will dealers and manufacturers remain relevant in a changing world.
Read our white paper to understand the role of:

  • Social media
  • Experiential – manufacture worlds & digital showrooms
  • Product placement & brand partnerships
  • CGI technology
  • Internet brokers

Voice of the customer & sentiment analysis

Here at SPA Future Thinking we work with leading automotive manufacturers and related companies to support their business decisions and planning processes.

For more information and to learn about what other research solutions we offer the automotive sector please call or email Lisa Allan, +44 (0)1865 336 400,

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