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Voice of the Customer – Closed Loop System

Automotive companies have long been at the forefront of customer satisfaction measurement, utilising extensive CSI programmes to enhance the customer experience, bonus dealers / retailers and set the agenda for in-house training programmes.

Next generation Voice of the Customer Programmes that can measure, manage, as well as escalate and action customer feedback are now rolling out. It is simply not enough to just listen to your customers, it is vital to implement Closed Loop systems through which specific negative feedback can be addressed and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Closed Loop systems are just one element to delivering successful VoC programmes and will help:

  • Streamline processes and make changes based on customer needs.
  • Enable frontline staff to resolve any issue to drive customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Inform customers of any changes that were made based on their feedback.

Download our guide to Best Practices for Voice of the Customer (VoC) Programmes to read about the closed loop system and much more.

An example from a Closed Loop system:

  • Customer Issue: “It was advertised as a one hour service and I decided to wait … but the service took nearly 2 hours and as a first service it seemed rather a long time to wait.”
  • Stage 1: Customer contacted to resolve the issue
  • Stage 2: After resolution customer re-contacted to assess feedback– higher satisfaction levels reported as a result
  • Stage 3: Longer term dealer action – “New process in place to prioritise waiting customers”
  • Result – A simple solution that has been implemented to the customer’s satisfaction and further created a new process to ensure future customers do not have similar issues.

Formalising this process to include predefined responsibilities, action planning tools and escalation processes helps to resolve customer issues early. It also provides feedback to customers on the final resolution to further drive satisfaction and loyalty.  Additionally a detailed, strategic view of recurring or systemic issues is gained, providing powerful insight at a regional and national level.

For more information on implementing a Voice of the Customer programme in the automotive sector and encompassing a Closed Loop system please contact Natalie Allen on +44 (0)1865 336 400

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