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BrandBox – A unique perspective on brand and comms tracking

Here at SPA Future Thinking we recently launched BrandBox a new and innovative approach to brand tracking. It’s designed to understand brand equity and is a transparent, flexible and robust tool that allows clients to customise the solution to best fit their needs.

Crucially it identifies the key drivers of brand equity providing clear strategic direction on where investment is needed to improve brand performance.

Read our overview of BrandBox, a uniquely customisable brand tracking solution combining:

  • Brand equity evaluation – Utilising seven key attributes to assess attitudes and perceptions.
  • Connectors – Identifying the core audience of influencers that really matter.
  • Timed Emotional Response (TER) – Capturing and monitoring implicit brand responses.

In addition we have an extensive suite of tools that help us evaluate how audiences interact with brand touchpoints to understand brand equity. These help understand all aspects of brand and comms tracking and four we have focused on include:

Campaign Optimiser – Understanding awareness and efficacy of multi-platform campaigns
Sentiment analysis – Extracting the true meaning and context of what people say
Digital ethnography – Tracking actual behaviour online
Advanced analytics – Offering data analytics and modelling solutions

Our BrandBox reporting platform highlights drivers of brand equity and how brands compare on a competitive level, providing clear strategic direction on where to invest to drive business success.

To learn more about BrandBox and our approach to brand tracking please contact Hamish Asser, Research Director on +44(0)20 7843 9777

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