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Meet Our Families – a real insight into family life

Meet our Families

Playground is our specialist kids research brand that really gets you closer to kids’ thinking.

At Playground, we are fascinated by family dynamics and how children’s lives change as they grow older.

We have set up a programme of longitudinal research following « Our Families ». These are 5 families from across the UK who we’ve chosen to be our new BFFs. Our Families come in all shapes and sizes; from single and two parent families, pre-schoolers to teens.

We have just completed our first chat with Our Families, and will be revisiting them at least twice a year over the next few years, so that we can gain a unique insight into children’s influences, interests and aspirations as they grow up. They provide us with first hand in-depth insights; and best of all we share this wealth of information with you, providing a unique window into real family life.

Watch our lovely film where you can meet Our Families and see just some of the things they’ve been sharing with us lately. Our Families are on a journey and we’re privileged to be a part of it.

  • Family time – it’s precious; hectic lives mean it can be a juggling act
  • Digital – technology plays an integral part in kids’ lives and shapes their world
  • Traditional play – there’s still plenty of fun to be had in the big outdoors
  • Shopping – deal seeking for savvy shoppers, and the influence of pester power

The Playground team are kids’ research experts and our mission is to put ‘real’ young people at the heart of decision making. We apply strategic thinking to all our work, so that it can go directly to the boardroom. Whilst engaging with kids’ worlds is a fun place to be, we understand that our clients need us to help drive their business forward. We can be down with the kids, but stand up with the adults!

To pose a question to Our Families or find out how Playground can help you understand the kids and family market, please contact us at Playground on +44 (0) 20 7843 9777

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