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KPI’s for the Insurance sector – Is Customer Effort Score the best measure for predicting loyalty?

We recently launched the Services Benchmarking Study, designed to help brand owners understand how their organisation rates across a variety of metrics; including overall customer satisfaction, NPS and Customer Effort.

Our study highlights that for the insurance industry, whilst customers may be happy with their provider, there is little long-term loyalty and switching is more prevalent across this sector than any other service industry.

In terms of Customer Effort Score (CES) our analysis clearly shows the positive impact an effortless experience can have for the insurance business.

Check out our infographic which provides an overview of findings across the insurance sector including:

  • Overview by insurance category – health, home, pet & vehicle
  • Breakdown of KPI metrics compared to other sectors
  • The value of CES as a measure
  • Choosing a provider & average tenure
  • Role of ditching & switching

The Services Benchmarking Study also compares providers big and small, detailing in-depth information of how individual companies have performed against the competition.

If you’d like to know more about our Services Benchmarking Study and find out how your business compares please contact Craig Strudley on +44 (0)1865 336 40.

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