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Understanding packaging messaging with Timed Emotional Response

The immediacy of packaging to grab your attention plays a vital role in the success of your products and brand. In less than a second it has to fulfil both practical and emotional needs from offering protection and functionality to communicating the brand and its benefits.

Here at Future Thinking we use Timed Emotional Response (TER) to gain a greater understanding towards a consumer’s immediate perception towards packaging.

Timed Emotional Response provides a measured understanding of how automatic a perception is. The faster, less rationalised responses indicate top-of-mind perception that is more implicitly associated.

Click here to download a typical case study on how Timed Emotional Response:

  • Provides a truer understanding and more implicit read on your proposed packaging changes (where often responses are over rationalised)
  • Allows more attributes to be tested than traditional rationalised responses, due to speed and simplicity of answering
  • Is easy to implement as a module in any online survey

As well as providing a greater understanding of perceptions of your brands packaging we also successfully use TER to help measure and understand advertising effectiveness through sponsorship as well as brand tracking.

For more information on Timed Emotional Response and to learn about the other research solutions we offer please call or email Claudia Strauss, Head of FMCG & Shopper Research  on +44(0)1865 336 400

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