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Campaign Optimiser 2.0 – The interactive way to evaluate multiplatform campaigns

Measuring, evaluating and predicting advertising campaign effectiveness is increasingly complex as media usage fragments.

In a multiplatform world consumers are now bombarded with brand messages across all forms of media, from TV spots and sponsorship to mobile, social media and online.

Brands need to identify and understand how different media are consumed, how they contribute towards awareness and brand values, and additionally how they work together for an advertising campaign.

That’s why we’ve re-launched Campaign Optimiser in a new interactive format. Click here to see how Campaign Optimiser 2.0 now enables you to:

  • Evaluate the impact each media channel used in a multiplatform campaign has made on overall campaign awareness, and on uplifts for key brand metrics
  • Input spend per platform to see which platforms over or under index comparative to spend
  • Alter spend or % spend per platform to see how things would have turned out differently with a different media outlay

Campaign Optimiser 2.0 measures how a campaign has performed, but it now also uses learnings from previous campaigns to predict best multi-media strategies moving forward.

Campaign Optimiser 2.0 will provide a complete understanding of which elements a brand should adjust in a current multi-platform advertising campaign or where to re-allocate spend for future campaigns to maximise return on campaign investment.

To demo our new interactive version of Campaign Optimiser 2.0 please call/email Suzy Aronstam on +44 (0) 207 843 977

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