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How to evaluate marcomms effectiveness for sports sponsorship

Measuring, evaluating and predicting advertising and sponsorship campaign effectiveness is increasingly complex as media usage fragments.

Sports fans are bombarded with brand messages and campaigns across all forms of media; from team, stadia and TV sponsorship to mobile, social media and online collateral.

How do you make your sports campaign and message stand out and resonate with today’s audience? What are the most effective media channels to use?  What makes a campaign for your brand successful?

Here at Future Thinking we help a wide variety of companies; from sports brands, regulatory bodies, media agencies and broadcasters answer these questions. Through bespoke surveys we use our knowledge of the sector to show what’s working and what isn’t, campaign appeal, and the fan journey through various campaign touchpoints.

We’ve also re-launched Campaign Optimiser 2.0 in an interactive format which identifies which platforms used have impacted most on campaign awareness, appeal and call to action.

Click here to watch our 90 second video to see how it enables you to:

  • Evaluate the impact each media channel used in a multiplatform campaign has made on overall campaign awareness and on uplifts for key metrics.
  • Input spend per platform to see which platforms over or under index comparative to spend.
  • Alter spend or % spend per platform to see how things would have turned out differently with a different media outlay

We tailor our surveys to your objectives, but also make sure we cover what we know is important to a sports advertising and sponsorship campaign:  message tone and appeal, social media impact and fit with expectations for your brand.

To demo our new interactive version of Campaign Optimiser 2.0 please call/email Suzy Aronstam on +44 (0) 20 7843 9777.

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