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Sports Sponsorship – How to ensure it works for your brand

As media usage fragments it can be hard to know what your audience is really doing with digital media and how they respond to different elements of sports sponsorship.

Consumers are now bombarded with brand messages across all forms of media, from TV spots and sponsorship to mobile and online as multi-platform campaigns proliferate. Dual-screening has also increased from 10% to 21% in the past 12 months (source Essential Eye), in part attributed to an increase in tablet usage. This has impacted on the way we consume advertising and brand messages, making measuring the effectiveness of multi platform campaigns increasingly complex.

Here at SPA Future Thinking we use Campaign Optimiser to measure the relative impact of different media within a campaign. For instance, it could be used to strip out the effects of the different elements of a sports sponsorship campaign – online, shirts, stadia etc.  This enables us to measure the effect each platform has on both overall campaign awareness and its impact on key metrics such as uplifts in brand awareness, warmth, and purchase intent. With platform spend overlaid, it is a powerful tool which can show you what particular platforms are doing for a brand, and where they may be over or under-indexing comparative to spend.

Campaign Optimiser provides a complete understanding of which elements are working hardest within a sports sponsorship package, or where to re-allocate spend for future campaigns to maximise return on campaign investment; enabling foresight instead of hindsight.

We can also identify interaction with a sponsorship campaign whilst at sporting events. By using Be-There, our mobile ethnographic tool, fans are able to download an app to their mobile phone and complete a series of tasks, recording their actions, thoughts and motivations. Multimedia content is created using video, photo, text and audio-notes all of which are mapped by GPS to the exact location they were recorded. Our bespoke purpose-built online platform gives immediate access to content, allowing behaviour to be probed ‘live’ whatever the sporting occasion.

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