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KPI’s for Electricity and Gas – Is Customer Effort Score the best measure for predicting loyalty?

We recently launched the Services Benchmarking Study, designed to help brand owners across a range of industries better understand their sector across a variety of metrics; including overall customer satisfaction, NPS and Customer Effort.

Our study highlights that for the electricity and gas industry, perceptions of value and likely customer advocacy are amongst the lowest levels across the range of service sectors we have covered.

In terms of Customer Effort Score (CES) our analysis also clearly shows that customers who consider dealing with their electricity / gas provider as ‘low effort’ are more likely to stay with their provider and consider new offers from them.

Check out our infographic which provides an overview of findings for the electricity and gas categories including:

  • Overview of utilities by electricity and gas
  • Breakdown of KPI metrics compared to other sectors
  • The value of CES as a measure
  • Loyalty towards providers
  • Average tenure & Call centre contact

To find out more about the Services Benchmarking Study contact Craig Strudley, on +44(0)1865 336 400.

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