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How to get your child reading for pleasure

Reading for pleasure

In recent years increasing levels of sophistication in technology have transformed the media landscape and family life.

Families lead ever more busy lifestyles and the role of reading in children’s lives now competes with screen time and digital entertainment.

Recent surveys show a decline in reading as an activity and children are seemingly less engaged than ever before. For families this presents a real challenge – how do you bring up a child who loves to read for pleasure? There is no simple solution to this challenge; ultimately, if we want to raise a child who loves to read, we need to get involved.

We’ve teamed up with Alison David, Consumer Insight Director at children’s book and magazine publisher, Egmont; home to some of the world’s best-loved characters.

Alison’s recently published book “Help Your Child Love Reading” is a fusion of her own experiences as a mum and insights from Egmont’s research programme. The result is an accessible self-help book, full of practical advice for parents to help children find pleasure and fun in reading. Download Alison’s top tips on how to get your child reading for pleasure. Whilst engaging with kids’ worlds is a fun place to be, at Playground we understand that our clients need us to help drive their business forward.

Playground is the kids and family research offer; from Future Thinking, developed to provide businesses with a greater understanding of the way kids and families think and behave.  For more information on the work we do please visit our website or contact the Playground team on +44 (0) 20 7843 9777.

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