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SPA Future Thinking to work alongside Egmont UK to launch Reading Street

SPA Future Thinking has been appointed to work alongside leading children’s publisher, Egmont, on their new study to investigate children’s reading in family life.

Reading Street is a new research programme, in which Egmont’s insight team together with researchers at SPA Future Thinking are spending time with families up and down the country over the course of a year to study first-hand the place of reading in family life.

The study aims to go behind the headlines to investigate the preconception that children’s reading for pleasure is under threat or at the very least changing to reflect a new media environment. The initiative reflects the fact that reading and literacy is headline news; it’s on the government’s agenda, libraries are closing, one in three children aged 11–13 don’t own a book (Source: NLT), the UK is way down in the world literacy rankings and digital devices are in the firing line. Yet children still love stories, everyone agrees that reading is important, and reading for pleasure is cited by the OECD as one of the main predictors of a child’s success in school and in life.

Rebecca Ironside, Senior Director at SPA Future Thinking, said: “Working alongside Egmont offers us an exciting opportunity to help understand reading in the context of family life and what it takes to inspire children to read, today and in the future.”

Egmont will be sharing results from its Reading Street study throughout 2013.  You can download our Reading Street case study here.

The Reading Street study is part of Egmont’s wider initiative Reading Lives – a conversation about reading and an initiative to find out what will inspire children to read in the digital age, which was launched in February as a blog ( and on twitter @EgmontUK #ReadingLives.

Coverage at: Research Magazine

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