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Unlocking the Shopper Path to Purchase

You may feel you know your customers inside out, but do you truly understand the drivers and barriers behind the sales figures?

The rise of digital has created an increasingly dynamic path to purchase. Today’s shoppers are diverted by the opportunity to shop anywhere, any time and on any device.

Retailers and brand owners need to understand the mind of the customer in terms of both the consumer (conscious thought and consumption) and shopper (automated, sub-conscious behaviour); through identifying the touchpoints along customers’ journeys that drive loyalty and sales conversion.

Download our guide to unlocking the Shopper path to purchase:

  • What influences channel/outlet choice?
  • What influences conversion?
  • How is experience measured?
  • Are you maximising returning customer numbers?

Here at Future Thinking we provide an extensive understanding of the retail environment for both retailers and manufacturers to evaluate shopper motivation, behaviour and customer experience across all channels and categories.

To learn more about our approach to understanding shopper and the retail environment please call/email Noreen Kinsey on +44(0)1865 336 400.

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