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Identifying the connected consumer for the mobile market

How do you understand your brand’s performance in terms of consumer awareness, association and equity? Brand tracking plays an essential part in measuring the strength and engagement with your brand and is fundamental to the creation of a strategy to influence consumers and track performance over time.

Understanding the core audience of influencers who are engaged with your brand is a vital part of this process. We’ve identified a group of consumers who are vital to disseminating brand messaging and are highly engaged; connecting through multiple touchpoints, making them key brand advocates.

We’ve labelled these consumers Connectors. They are identified through a series of attitudinal statements and in a recent study of 24,000 interviews we identified 5,800 mobile Handset Connectors. Conducting research with these Connectors will enable you to understand what they say and how they interact with your brand, helping you to map out how to engage with and influence them.

Check out our infographic to find out how Handset Connectors are:

  • Highly engaged with brands.
  • Heavy users of social media.
  • Early adopters of technology.
  • Highly influenced by advertising.
  • Happy to pay extra for better quality.

Mobile Handset Connectors are key brand advocates who connect through multiple touchpoints. Do you know what they are saying about your brand? At Future Thinking we do.

Earlier this year we launched our new and innovative approach to brand tracking –  BrandBox. It’s been designed to help marketers understand brand equity, by evaluating the competitive context, emotional relationship, and the role of Connectors to determine a brands’ position.

To learn more about BrandBox and the role of Connectors please contact Abhi Roy, Head of BrandBox on +44(0)20 7843 977.

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