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Give me some Christmas inspiration please…

I saw my first Christmas shop display the day after Halloween and my heart sank.  It’s not that I’m some modern day scrooge, I’m currently listening to Last Christmas while writing this; but I’m useless you see; well in terms of keeping up with presents, cards, and emails for my favourite kids (come to think of it my favourite adults too!).  So basically it’s now well into December and I have no clue what to get any of them – 2 nieces, 2 goddaughters and 2 godsons.

I love the kids and am happy to buy them a good present that they’d really like or would be useful, but get a bit stressed about buying plastic rubbish, stuff that will just be opened up and then end up in a toy box by boxing day never to see the light of day again apart from a brief outing to my brother’s local tip.  But what do you get them?

My oldest niece is a great kid but when I ask her for tips on what she might like she draws a blank, I got as much as “I like science”, but what does that mean in terms of a present?  I’ve seen some chemistry sets and things in Selfridges, but they all seem like boy’s toys and fall a bit into the plastic rubbish category.

My youngest niece is also a great kid, but it’s fair to say a little bit more outspoken than her older sister.  She wants something pretty and girly. Again,??????!!!!!

So, I thought I’d try out googling ‘presents for 10 year old girl’ and ‘toys for 10 year olds’ – but these all look quite generic and not quite right.

This happens every year, so I don’t know why I’m surprised – I go along in denial, seeing lots of things which are probably perfectly suitable and that they would love; but regardless of encouraging nudges from my partner, keep on “searching” (aka ignoring reality).  Then, almost as inevitably as Santa getting tipsy on the mulled wine, I will be in Hamleys on Christmas Eve afterwork with my credit card and a panicked expression!

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