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Here comes the rainbow loom

Rainbow loom

It’s the latest fad from across the pond and the kids in America are going crazy for it.  Never heard of it?  You will soon says our US based kids research expert Liz DiPilli.

Craft, toy, fashion statement. Whatever you call it my kids are crazy for Rainbow Loom. What, you’ve never heard of it? You will soon. It has completely taken over the real estate of every child’s wrist in America.

It started with a former engineer from Nissan creating a loom using a slab of wood and pushpins to assist his tween daughters who were trying to make bracelets using mini rubber bands. His girls loved it, they shot a few YouTube videos and the Rainbow Loom craze took was born.

The whole kit only costs $14.99 and includes hundreds of rubber bands, not even half the cost of a new video game these days. What makes it so special is the throwback quality of the entire activity. No batteries, WIFI or gaming console needed. My daughters and son spend hours, QUIETLY, making ever more and more creative and complicated designs. They watch YouTube videos for instructions and bring the loom with them to ball games, Grandma’s house and the beach, where they while away the hours looming, chatting and showing off their handiwork.

I think we sometimes underestimate our children’s need for hands on creative expression and wrongly assume they are ruined by the fast paced, instant gratification, cyber world where they usually reside. Rainbow Loom clubs and the magnetic attraction of the kid sitting on the side-lines with a Rainbow Loom are a testament to this fact. I wear my double fishtail with pride every day and I’m eagerly awaiting my next precious piece of rainbow ‘jewellery’.

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